Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You Tube, You Tube, You Tube

I do have a YouTube Account.
Not active.
Too lazy to upload anything coz i have to convert the file to be able to upload it.

U can see me here.
Or play these videos [do not....say anything BAD about the videos...we're amateurs okay =p]

What do you think?
Do I have what it takes to be a TV host?

I love my church!
God Bless Y'all today!

p/s if u need a low cost host for your TV programmes or bulletins....call me =D



husni said...

I like the Senior Pastor's hairstyle =) very sleek...


Hi Cath! Thanks for the piece of advice, I'll hold on to it as I go on my journey.
Hey, since I love to 'hunt' for cool clips from YouTube, I want to share clips from Happy Slip and Kev Jumba. Funny!
Take care sis!

Syari said...

I've seen these! :D You have the talent to be a host Cat.

Anonymous said...

wow! TV host! hehehe
i suka!