Friday, June 13, 2008

Vote For Baby anne and Baby Reilly!

Last week Nita won the Seventeen Covergirl '08 title.

Now, we have my friends' daughters Baby Anne and Reilly in the running to become
MIX FM Baby Idol 2008.

Baby Anne Christie Raymand

Here's something from her parents Raymand & SiewPeng:

Hi all,

My wife & I have posted our beautiful daughter's photo on the MIX fm:: Turn Me On. Please cast your votes generously hoping to see her as the winner. DON"T forget to VOTE 10 okay.

Reilly Faith Rosa Fickus
(Juanita's Niece)

This one is from Reilly's parents Stephen & Joanna Fickus:
Hey ALL! I've entered Reilly in a baby photo competition! Please VOTE for her by CLICKING ON THE MILK BOTTLE on the right side of her picture.

Type MIX FM in Google Search, click on BABY IDOL in the website, and look for her - she should be in page 4 (3rd picture) - remember, DO NOT CLICK 'VOTE OUT'! :)

We don't have much time so start clicking away... you're allowed to vote as many times as you want!!

Appreciate it~

Don't forget to vote folks!
Click here to cast your vote for Baby Anne.

Click here to vote for Baby Reilly Faith

VOTE 10 Please =D
I'm rooting for both...obviously

p/s if u can't find them, just type their name and search in the site's search engine


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