Friday, April 15, 2011

Rude = The New Generation?

As an educator,
I am doing my best not only to educate my students 
but to equip them with lessons about life.

I give them my all.
Nurture them wholeheartedly 
Apologized when I made mistakes.

Having rude students hurts.
Cuts deep.

All we need is a little respect.

I thank God for virtue in me...
I still remember how i literally bowed whenever my teachers passed me...



Paren said...

WA...U punya student kah 2???

Cath said...

sstudent generasi baru paren...lain ari maya kitai suba..ya, termasuklah student aku

Paren said...

pama bala students dik diatuk..heheh

Paren said...

biasalah nyak..zaman kan dah berubah,,