Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cambodia: Money Well Spent, Must Buy and Must Try

So you've seen in the pictures...
how we spent our money,
where we went,
what we ate,
but how much did we spend anyway?

(29 April 2011 - 02 May 2011)

Island Bar after a long walk at the night market wrapped up our trip ^_^v

Air Asia Flite Tix for 2                   = RM956.00
                                                      (mine was actually RM363 coz i booked earlier and
                                                       Joanne's was RM593) but we split into 2 coz
                                                       I want both of us to enjoy the same fare)

Hotel (deluxe)                                = RM270 (booked thru Air Asia Go) + breakfast

Lin Ratanak Angkor Hotel

Tour Agent                                    = USD187 x 3.05 (back when we bought it's cheaper)
                                                     = RM570.35
                                                          - including English Speaking tour guide, lunch, dinner, personal
                                                          - Amazing Angkor Tour is the best agent in Siem Reap...
                                                            if you have Siem Reap as your next travel destination buzz
                                                            Amazing Angkor Tour

Total                                               = RM1796.00 for 2 pax

                                                           RM898 per person!
excluding personal expenses lah...

Super Cheap!

err...but with Air Asia's New Fuel Surcharge it could be expensive now

my advice is, book flite tix, hotel and tour agent separately...
not only you'll get a budget trip,
you'll definitely have extra cash for shopping...*wink wink

Oh ya!
Cambodia widely accepts USD

Always spare your change for tipping
please tip your tour guide and driver at the end of the trip

Joanne: Master of Bargaining

So you need to be good at bargaining before you started buying anything here.
I'm always useless at this especially when I know that Cambodians are not rich...too much empathy involved i shall say... 
thank God I have Joanne...she's THE BEST!

Must buy stuffs:

Silk scarfs for as low as USD2
Real Gemstones (they have gem mines so they're super CHEAP! seriously cheap!)
100% Pashmina Scarfs for as low as USD4 
Silk Table Runner
Local T-Shirts
Local Skirts
Local Pants

Must Try/Do:

Tuk Tuk ride
Tonle Sap Lake for Sunset (we din get to see it coz it was cloudy...
and it was low tide so we din quite enjoy the Tonle Sap trip)
Visit ALL the temples
(p/s dress decently before you go the temples or else you'll be chased out by the tourist police)
Take super lots of pictures
All the foods (excluding bizarre food) -
Muslim travelers, please ask for halal restaurant ya

Must Bring:

Extra camera with extra batteries
Drinking water
Backpack / Knapsack - handbag might be a bad idea for a long distance walk
Lots of cash if you plan to shop
Mosquito Repellent
Good walking shoes or flip flop - big NO to heels!

All in all:

the people are nice and soft spoken, 
they respect the tourists..
their foods are superb!
it's a safe city (free form snatch theft)..
Best time to visit is
November to January coz it's winter
and Tonle Sap Lake is definitely not on low tide  that time


~ The End ~

coming soon...Bandung, Indonesia


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hey Big Spender!

What to spend on in Siem Reap?

p/s everything is in USD