Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear TESL friends....Please Read this

Remember this young lady here:

We used to call her Baby....
She was my classmate.
Please read about her here (Fara's Blog)
It's urgent.

Let's pray for her.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SMK DPHA Gapor Stampin: Chapter 1

SMK Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Gapor Stampin Kuching.
Did my Upper Six there 9 years ago.
Was only there for 8 months.
My first experience being in boarding school.
My family was in Labuan and being in Kuching all alone wasn't easy.
My big sis was in Kuching as well but we're not close.
Asked my bro-in-law to bring me there yesterday coz he's teaching there.
Here's a glance of how it looks like now.

School Logo.

School Hall.
Dewan Semesta

School Field.
I still remember that Handsome Number 9 football player from St. Joseph.

PSS -Pusat Sumber Sekolah.
School Library

My Bro-In-Law's car sticker

Sarawak, Malaysia, SMK Dphag Stampin's flags

This was once Blok C.
Girls' Hostel.
It has now become Aspura Cemerlang.
Boys' Hostel.
View from the Prefects' verandah.
See that square little building down there?
Flashers liked to flash their 'tantalau' there.
There was one time where one of them flashed it at nite
and we threw Durian skin towards him.
I remember saying "Apa polah waktu malam? Kedak ney kamek orang maok nangga?"
Translation: "Why flash at nite? How can we see it?"
The rest is history

I still remember the black tragedy that happened here.
Only Getrude and Yoyo know....

My room.
Shared with another 15 girls.
This wall used to have mural.
Will scan the evidence once i get back to N9.

Ugraded Dining Hall

My class was the third window from the left.
From this view....fourth from left.

The blue public phone used to be the phone I used to call my dad.
Curi line some more.

From what I remember, this school had the worst toilets ever.
But had the coolest students.

Mind you, the reputation changed when the new principal came
and the hostel became the best school hostel in Sarawak twice.
TWICE I tell you *apek style o f talking
And they even have 5 stars toilets now.......

I wonder what happen to my other schoolmates?


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AK 5216

What is the significance of Air Asia?
"Everybody can fly"?
I guess not...
It should be
"Everybody can you please wait?"

Our flight to Kuching were delayed for almost 2 hours.
Did I mention we were delayed twice?

Now, this DUMB DUMB Air Asia has a new policy.
If the flight is delayed for more than 2hours,
they will compensate each affected passenger with RM200 GIFT voucher.

Guess what, I just knew about this when I read the flight's mag JUST NOW.

Here's where I can call them CLEVER.

When I suddenly realized
we were delayed for 1h 40mins...on the ground
1st time the flight came late.
Then 2nd time something wrong with one of the tyres.
Then later they asked us to board the flight....
while they were still fixing the tyre
and ended up waiting for another 30-40mins?

Want to know why?
I guess they want to avoid giving gift vouchers.
So, they urged us to board the flight.
Which means we are going to depart....
Evilly Clever (is there such adverb? who cares)
If my maths is correct, that equals to about 2hrs 20mins of waiting!!!

Enough with the delayed matter.

While waiting I suddenly missed my hometown Labuan.
Haven't gone back for 6 years.
Haven't seen dad's grave for 6 years.
Family all in Sarawak.
I can't believe my eyes when I saw this:

Our boarding gate to Kuching was next to Labuan's boarding gate.
I looked around and saw a few familiar faces from Labuan.
My ex-schoolmate from primary school.
My ex-classmate's parents.
My 'delayed' issue was CALMED down by the word 'Labuan'

Thank God I had my Sister and Bro In Law with me.
They were in KL to attend their church's national convention.
Here's the tired looking me.
Actually the 'no make up on' me...
What can a delayed flight do when one can devour a big and scrumptious DURIAN in one shot?
*biggest DURIAN I've ever seen in my 28 years of living!


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Lost A Friend

I lost a friend last Friday.
A friend dear to my heart.
I'll miss her forever.
I'll miss her jokes.
I'll miss her sweetness.
Above all i'll miss her companionship.
The time we spent.
I'll miss everything about her.

Josephine James (1980 - 2008)
*in the pics...Phine, Little Ola and I

Will miss you Phine.
Will miss you.
Tho it's hard to accept.
I'll try my best to stay strong.
But WHY?

Do not Stand on my grave and weep by Mary Elizabeth Frye (1905 - 2004)

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am the softly falling snow.
I am the gentle showers of rain,
I am the fields of ripening grain.
I am in the morning hush,
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
I am the starshine of the night.
I am in the flowers that bloom,
I am in a quiet room.
I am in the birds that sing,
I am in each lovely thing.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there.
I do not die.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Due to some recent setbacks, I decided to take another respite from blogging
so that I can sort things out in my head, on my desk, in my room and my entire house.

I had dozens of paper to mark.
Successfully finished them yesterday.
I have SPM to invigilate (still invigilating til 4 Dec)

And when i'm done,
I'm off to Kuching til January

Til then...(^_^)v


Monday, October 27, 2008

Sabri and Effa

I now pronounce you husband and wife...
Congrats Bari & Effa

For more pics, please go to my FaceBook


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fashion Rocks - Stand Up

If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up

Who are we to keep questioning, wondering
what is what
Don't give up


Just Stand Up live at Fashion Rocks 2008 - Beyonce, Carrie, Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Nicole, Ciara, Fergie, Leona, Ashanti, Keyshia Cole, Natasha Bedingfield.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Am a Lotus Eater

Lotus Eater by William Somerset Maugham.
One of the short stories in Form 4 syllabus.

Today was my first time teaching this.

Browsed thru the net to find out the meaning of 'Lotus Eater'
Then found this:

  1. Lotus-eater or Lotus Eater Greek Mythology. One of a people described in the Odyssey who lived in a drugged, indolent state from feeding on the lotus.
  2. A lazy person devoted to pleasure and luxury.

Lotus Eaters redirects here. For other uses, see The Lotus

In Greek mythology, the Lotophagi (Greek Λωτοφάγοι, lotus-eaters) were a race of people from an island
near North Africa dominated by "lotus" plants. The lotus fruits and flowers were the
primary food of the island and were narcotic, causing the people to sleep in peaceful

Want to know something?

Well, I sat for my SPM 11 years ago. 

Each time while waiting for the next paper to commence, my friends and I would go to
one small pond in my school compound and picked some lotus seeds to munch on.
They were so addictive!
We literally feasted on lotus and w
e were soooooo happy and to the extent couldn't be bothered by the Exam.

Now I know.....
We were drugged....
That explains our STRANGE happiness
And my 'super good' result...
I must go tell my ex-classmates now...
Bye Bye


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pleading All Teachers to Respond

OSomething happened yesterday during Form 5's graduation.
I don't know where and how to start.
It's a bit sensitive......
Well the high school where i'm teaching uses CGPA or pointers instead of normal grades.
Once the Form 5 students got their trial result, they will have graduation day.
Okay, here's the issue ...when the system says u cant grad, means u can't.

But these kids are too young to be 'punished' like this.
They're just form 5 (17 years old).

What would u feel if u were not qualified to graduate but u still have to go up the stage,
with ur below 2.00 CGPA displayed on the white screen and then u r d only one not wearing the robe 'jubah konvo'?
What would u feel?

Plus, parents r watching.

What would you do, if ur students came to you and ask "Teacher, kiteorang tak nak naik boleh tak?
(Teacher, can we not go up?)"
My eyes teared when i heard this.
As a teacher, it broke my heart to break theirs.

What would you do if u r their parents?

Yes, they did wrong things.
They screwed up in their exams.
They were also the black sheeps of the school.
But there are some other ways to punish them.

Overheard someone said "Let them go up and learn their lesson. Serve them right"

What? By humiliating them?

We teachers stood up for them.
We didn't want them to go up.
Other school with the same system give students choice to go up or not to go 

I was once a black sheep in school.
But I was given a chance.
I thought I don't deserve one.
But a teacher gave me one.
Here I am today.
Because of that chance I was given, I am a teacher myself.

I am living my teacher's legacy.
Teachers should give students a chance when they think they don't deserve one.

That chance will create a miracle.

Trust me.
I am a miracle.

They finally went up.
Three of them.
All gentlemen ( i don't like calling them 'boys')
Amazingly their friends who graduated gave them support
and clapped the loudest clap
and cheered for them.

Ironically, none clapped for those who graduated.

That's what friends are for.
To support and To electrify...

We teachers are here ....
To Inspire

What say you?


Somewhere in Puchong...

what Bits?...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lifehouse - Everything

This is an Evangelical skit video.
Non-Christians can see it in a different way.
The Man in White represents God.
While Christians, The Man in White represents Jesus.

Be open minded folks.
This applies to everyone with Faith.
An awesome and touching skit.
With Lifehouse's 'Everything' as the theme song.
This song also appeared in one of Smallville's Episode.

A rock band from America.
Once popular with their song 'Hanging by a Moment'.
My church's creative team did this same skit in church a few weeks ago.

Pray that it'll minister to everyone watching.
Be blessed =D

If u're blessed by this video,
Put it in ur blog and pass it on.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celcom Broadband - Highly Recommended

Got myself Celcom Broadband last Friday.
School's Wireless always have problem.

I don't have to worry.
I can browse when others can't *evil laugh

U want one?
Then u should have RM600 in your hands.

RM499 (purchase ur modem) + RM68(Advance payment)

Monthly bill: RM68 (for basic user)

No regret.
Except for one thing.
Rural area means no 3G.

Then you have to depend on GPRS which is super SLOW!
Well, better than not connected at all right?


Friday, October 10, 2008

A Week Ago...

Congratulation Kumar & Jacqueline on your new bundle of joy!

Name: Janessa
DOB: Monday, 06 October 2008
Place: Putrajaya Hospital, Labour Room

Time: 06:10PM

Weight: 3.44kg

Kak Jaq and her 1st daughter Joellyn Liora (Ola)
About to register

Before deliver

Ola and I (takin pic outside the labour room)...waiting

After deliver

Smiling Baby Janessa

Baby Janessa in Mummy's arm with Ola welcoming her new sister

Baby Janessa and her daddy

Finally...Baby Janessa and I

Truly God has blessed your family with his best gift...
Baby Janessa =D