Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still deciphering

All my life I have always enjoyed holiday.
A teacher have always been envied by her non-teacher friends.
Because she has more than 100 days holi-DAYS a year.
Tell me about it.
I am a teacher.
So I know.

It's school holiday now.
1 week.
For the first time in my whole life....
I am not excited at all!

Everybody went back to their hometown.
I am left all alone here.
I have lots to do.
Well, that's not a good reason for not going back.

I'm tired.
I do miss my friends and family in KL.
I do miss them.
Only God knows how I miss them.

I've done a lot of thinking this few days.
And somehow I'm stuck when it comes to 'HOME'.
I have had one entry about home a few years ago in my old blog.
The same old question still haunts me.
Where is my home?

I have been missing the feeling of home since dad passed.
Then it became worst when my family moved to another state.
There goes my hometown.

How in the world can I call a place that I've never known my 'HOME'?
Yes, I do visit my mom and sisters but there is no home anywhere for me.
The only thing left in my hometown is my Dad's grave and all the memories I had with daddy.

Some say, 'Home is where you are understood'
Some even say 'Home is where your heart is'
Small kids will definitely say 'I want to go home..I want mummy and daddy'
Mummy and Daddy are their home
I know where I am understood, where my heart is, where my mummy and where my daddy is...
But the problem is....none of that places makes me feel home.
Not even the place where I am sitting now!
The irony is, up to now, whenever I dream of my family,
I always dream of us in our old house back in Labuan.
The house that we rented back in 1988 - 1996.

I guess I'm not the only one having such dreams.
Probably because those were the happiest days of our lives.

Sometimes, I'm blaming dad for 'leaving' us too soon.

Somehow, when I thought of all the orphans who never had moms and dads,
I do envy them coz they'll never get to miss having the feeling of being home coz they never had one.

On the other hand, I'm thankful I had one.

What say you?

I'm still deciphering...
Deciphering adulthood...


Like a Rockstar

It's been a while since I last posted something that can be digested by you.
Been busy lately.
Nothing much happened for the past few months.
Except for me being 3 tones darker......*blegh
There goes my whitening products....
Blaming it on the sports day last week....
Same day they announced SPM result.
But who cares....we won the whole sport.
Our team won!
We are the champion!
Who's the teacher?
I say....who's the teacher?
As long as I am the teacher...I will make sure that my team embraces victory forever and ever..and ever...

Will you ever believe me if I said I can run?
Had it not been for the desperation due to lack of female teachers in our team,
I wouldn't know I could run that fast.
It was unbelievable!
This proves it....

*Please read the following sentence Phua Chu Kang way...
Silver medal I tell you!

Physically stressed and exhausted right now.
But my soul still rocks like a rockstar.....huhu!

What was this entry about?
Oh ya....
To congratulate my students for their super achievement in their SPM

*behold are the top achievers posing for local press

Dear students,
Go....go sail the ocean of ambition,

And I pray that you will harbour at the port of success.
Been there, done that....
I know it'll be tough.
But y'all will survive somehow =).
It's just that
Y'all still have a long way to go dearie...

Dear readers,

Y'all will be reading more from me soon....

Thousand apologies for my absence