Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Happy Teachers' Day all you Malaysian teachers and educators!

Always remember to sow with love coz blessed are you teachers that teach out of love for the seeds you've planted in your students heart will definitely produce success.

Be slow to anger but quick to forgive.

Keep this in mind, most unable-to-handle-pressure-and-burnout-teachers in Malaysia suffered from mental ills...think about it....think about it....think about

Monologue: " slow to anger aa...hahahah...dahla budak selalu bilang ko crazy! Sot eh...hahahahah!"

To my teachers and lecturers, you are the best!

Love you all!

p/s this is only for teachers in Malaysia.

World Teachers' Day is on the 05 Oct ( eh! my birthday lah! ...hohoho)

Love Love Love! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Korea Alone: First time

Monologue: Ok, I'm now at Incheon airport...what's next?

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Have I booked my hotel/guesthouse?
2) Do I have the address?
3) Do I know how to go there? (Metro/Bus)
4) Which one is the easiest? Bus or Metro?

If you answered Yes for question 1-3, then you should decide ...Bus or Metro?

Here's mine:

1) Bong House
2) Near SungKyunKwan University
3) Both  can
4) Bus

Then head to the info counter and ask where to get the bus ticket.
Prior to that, make sure you have a complete map and instruction on how to go to your Guesthouse.


Waiting for the bus

Tix to SungKyunKwan...10,00 won (RM28)

Wifi in the bus
My stop! Landmark - Dunkin Donut
2nd Landmark
Almost there


So folks, before you even intend to fly there, make sure you do some research and find out how to go to your guesthouse from the airport, easiest mean of transportation to get there, address, and at least a little Korean language in your tongue.

If you have ipad, downloading Korean Language apps will definitely help and please download the itourseoul app to help you go around Seoul easily.

I did not lost my way. Yeay!

to be continued.....

Love Love Love!