Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Am a Lotus Eater

Lotus Eater by William Somerset Maugham.
One of the short stories in Form 4 syllabus.

Today was my first time teaching this.

Browsed thru the net to find out the meaning of 'Lotus Eater'
Then found this:

  1. Lotus-eater or Lotus Eater Greek Mythology. One of a people described in the Odyssey who lived in a drugged, indolent state from feeding on the lotus.
  2. A lazy person devoted to pleasure and luxury.

Lotus Eaters redirects here. For other uses, see The Lotus

In Greek mythology, the Lotophagi (Greek Λωτοφάγοι, lotus-eaters) were a race of people from an island
near North Africa dominated by "lotus" plants. The lotus fruits and flowers were the
primary food of the island and were narcotic, causing the people to sleep in peaceful

Want to know something?

Well, I sat for my SPM 11 years ago. 

Each time while waiting for the next paper to commence, my friends and I would go to
one small pond in my school compound and picked some lotus seeds to munch on.
They were so addictive!
We literally feasted on lotus and w
e were soooooo happy and to the extent couldn't be bothered by the Exam.

Now I know.....
We were drugged....
That explains our STRANGE happiness
And my 'super good' result...
I must go tell my ex-classmates now...
Bye Bye



Ridwanlau said...

Really? Ko makan 'Lotus'? Part mana yg ko makan? Aku nak try lah. Bleh jd hayal...mcm BEST.hehe

Cath said...

Biji die Wan. Ko makan biji die.

Anonymous said...

Amai ka first time dik ngajar Lotus Eater? Hahaha..yeah it's actually makes you feel dreamy..it's like the poppy and mandragora..hehe. how a mind can be led to such an idyllic state..no rush,no chaos..just a peaceful state.That's from my understanding la..i told my ex students mcm nyak lah. hahaha!

husni said...

U guys want to know something? <---But Cat, my answer to this question is "no". :P

Anonymous said...

cat, hari tu u bawa i makan lotus soup... was that ok? was i acting weird that day? i cant remember.. hahaha

Cath said...

Husni, i tak faham =p. No to drug ke?
Kebendulan ku terserlah...

Cath said...

Hana, lotus tu tak ape. Tapi seed dia yang buat orang high.
Biji die yang dimakan mentah.

Cath said...


Sapa tok neh?

husni said...

ummm u ask:

U guys wanna know something?

my answer:


Cath said...

See Husni...told u...
Kebendulan ku terserlah...

husni said...

hahaha teringat aku dulu rancangan "Bendul" kat TV, Mr Bean versi Malaysia....hahahahahahaha