Friday, June 6, 2008

A Tribute to Flower from The Whiskers Family [Meerkat Manor]

Entering the mind of a meerkat is as easy as entering the mind of a warrior.
Learning their behaviour thru reading and watching documentaries,
these creatures never stopped making me amazed.

Over the holiday, I've been following Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet everyday at 1:00 - 1:30am.
Basically, this Documentary is about Flower of the Kalahari.
The dominant female of The Whiskers family.
It's a Documentary style series.

*An unidentified Whiskers female from the television series Meerkat Manor with her pups in a burrow

Touched by the story line, I couldn't wait for the last episode cause I won't b able to watch it when I get back to work.
So I googled it and found out that.........

Flower is dead!
She's dead!
Bitten by a bloody snake.
She was later succeeded by her daughter Rocket Dog.
But, she's dead!
What's the point of continuing the series then?
Meerkat Manor is meaningless without Flower.

The film crew was there when she was attacked.
They couldn't do anything as it was part of the documentary.
It's about her life journey.
I'm sure they they were affected by this incident.
They saw the whole tragedy.
Yes. This is a tragedy.
I'll miss you Flower.

Video Tributes for our dear Flower by those who miss her.

*courtesy of toscaforever

*courtesy of Meerkatgirl 123

*courtesy of Chutney22


I cried....


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