Monday, June 9, 2008

Seventeen’s Cover Girl 2008

Juanita David Ramayah

She is officially crowned as the Seventeen’s Cover Girl 2008.
Congrats Nita Gurl!

We're always here rooting for you.
I knew that you're gonna win and I'm soooo HAPPPPPPYYY!
So fast time flies. You're already Seventeen!
So readers check her out in the coming Seventeen Magazine.

I can't go to the Summer Splash. Got something urgent. But my other homies were there praying for her!


Ma Homies after Summer Splash 2008.

*courtesy of Aaron Mah

*courtesy of Aaron Mah

Holiday is over.
Time to get back to work.

I will be missing Bex and Adrian.
One will be off to London the other to Canada.


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mr. izuan said...

wow, your friend won! congratulations to her!