Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Would be A Perfect Father's Day For Me?

Play this first. When my MP3 player starts playing, stop it so that you can watch and see this video.

*courtesy of gillibob

1. Knock at daddy's door, wake him up, hug him and say "HAPPY FATHERS DAY DADDY!"
2. Cook nice breakfast for daddy.

3. Go to church.

4. Treat him special lunch.

5. Spend my time and money just for him.

6. Because it's fathers' day, I would only bring my sisters coz it's daddy and daughters' time.

7. Send him to men's SPA

8. Drive him around Labuan and talk, talk, talk....

9. Have everyone around us jealous coz we love daddy so much.

10. Hug and kiss him over and over again and tell him how much I love him and thank him for his tender loving care.

That would be my perfect Father's Day.
I miss you daddy. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

This is a father who is deeply loved and missed by his 4 daughters
Fraulynd, Cathy, Dorothy and Patricia

In Loving Memory
1952 - 2001

p/s I'm so emo now...='(...cheh




Heiso said...

Gosh cat! u made me wanna cry.. also made me thankful that i still have my father with me!

CHANTIQUE79 said...

anang sedih. sinu aku maca utai tulis nuan tok

CHANTIQUE79 said...

ba dini gambar tok di ambi.baka alai perkuburan jak. sorry nanya ajak

Anonymous said...

oh i love this song. but i like jessica simpson's version ;)

Cath said...

I pun sedih bile baca balik. ='(

Lelengau aku ke didi ku. Memang betul, di kawasan perkuburan urang askar US, British enggau Australia ba Labuan maya aku agi mit menya.

Lawak gak oo.

Tiap kali urang meda gambar tokgerenti urang nanya...kawasan perkuburanka?

Jessica Simpson pun ada buat dis song ke?