Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Victorious Crap

Husni, Bari, AD and Blax
They read this letter 2 years ago.
A victorious crap written by one of my students.

The condition of the actual letter isn't pleasant so I retyped it.
It surely made us laugh.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Today in History

To my dearest friend Bumesy,
Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!
Mesy, I was browsin thru our pics back in 2001 last nite.
Dya still remember the time wen we acted.
I was the Samseng Apek and my pants....%*^%$&$^&%&#$*%^*&(*&?

To my dearest Sis in Christ Kak Jaq,
Selamat Hari Pengada!
Can't wait to see ur second baby.

Wishing both of you a very happy birthday in 150 languages =)

May God bless both of you. Amen


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fell in Love

This was in one of Chantique's blog entries. Couldn't help it but to tell the's been a while since I heard beautiful guitar sound. I'm fell in love with this one.
Ignore the lyrics.

This is Keith's best performance ever.
Even better than the one in his album.

Just listen to the guitar.

Keith Urban: You'll Think of Me



Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Having the chance to use school's Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL CAMERA
here are some of the pics I took during the Form 5 Curriculum Day:

The pics are not impressive enough.
I'm still learning how to use it.
I'm so use to my Sony Ericsson Cybershot.

It's automatic.

I need...
A good Samaritan...
To give me...
Canon SLR Digi Cam...


Sunday, July 20, 2008


I haven't congratulated these people on their Holy Matrimony
last month.

Kuching, Sarawak:
Diane and Yupiter

*courtesy of Kholyn

I miss these peeps.

*courtesy of Kholyn

Likas, Sabah:
Mimi & Jonathan

*Courtesy of Jim

Tamparuli Sabah:
Evangeline @ Noni and Godpray

*courtesy of Jim

God Bless Y'all =D

p/s these girls were my housemate back in Shah Alam.

These pics bring tears to my eyes.
Looking back at the ups and downs we went thru together in Shah Alam...'s amazing how we ended up where we are today.

I'm done with that chapter of my life.
Never want to go back.
I just miss the genuine friendship I used to have back in those days.
It's not that we are not friends anymore.
Things have changed.
They moved on.
I moved on.
There's no way I can find a friendship like the one we had anywhere else.

No way.
I have no friends here.
I don't intend to have one.

Don't intend to cross that colleague and house mate border.

What a pathetic life rite?
Nay...I can't find anyone that can be called friends here.
The nearest one could turn to would be in Malacca.
So, when I miss having friends around, and I'm too tired to drive down to KL...
I'll drive to Malacca.

Whatever it may be...
The Sisterhood of Grace BM Remains forever.

Till death do us part



Despite my busy schedule, I managed to buy some time for me look for some entertainment in You tube and I found this all time favourite Russell Peter's Video

I have always loved this one...

Hey! Be a man, do the right thing!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Interesting stuffs I saw over the last 2 weeks:

3 Married 1 single
One going to be mother of 2
One mothe of one
One going to be a mother of one
One ... ?

Before Prep


Dopey Again

Whenever the poultry farming place slaughter all the chickens....
Our school will be these flies 'lepak' station...

More Flies


Lazy Garfield
Mum's Cat

More of Mum's Cats

Sis's Cat


Friday, July 4, 2008

DELL Inspiron Studio 17

Sorry folks,
I have to disappoint y'all.

I guess I'm not going to get any of those machines I mentioned earlier.

I have read a few reviews and forums on VAIO and MACbook.

I even read HP, ACER and DELL.

The only one that appeals to be free from complaints is DELL.
I'm getting a RED DELL Inspiron Studio 17

That's why I deleted the poll above my page.

The best thing I will definitely like about is the Slot Optical Drive.
Looks a bit like MAC's.
At least I can experience MAC there.

There's always a room for conscious optimism though.

Nonetheless, I really want to thank those who voted =D.
FYI the highest vote was for VAIO.