Monday, April 18, 2011

30 and still single? Worry no more!



For some ladies, being single at 30s ‘Bummer’ might be the right word to describe their feelings. Or perhaps the frog illustration above describes them best!

Far from ‘Bummer’.  I am celebrating life at 30!

Well, personally I got few tips for all you 'BUMMER' single ladies:
1.   Get up from your bed of despair and get a hobby! Challenge yourself to do something you don’t see yourself doing!
Like baking, jungle trekking, dancing, swimming, photography or even knitting! Etc…
Hey, if you enjoyed waking up at 11 in the morning, 
try to spin things around and wake up at 5!
It feels great…believe me. Been there done that. God knows how I loved sleeping in and now I wake up as early as 4.30 in the morning!
Not to mention, I’ve started baking and really looking forward to involving myself with new hobbies.

2.    Freedom! Yes, smell it, embrace it, feel it and enjoy it!
This is the ULTIMATE BONUS we get to enjoy being single. No calling up your significant other and go
“Honey, can I hang out with my friends tonight? I kind of miss them since we’ve been spending time together for weeks. I thought it would be great if I drop by and say hello to them today”
Depending on how your ‘honey’ take it as this could cause damage in your relationship.
Let alone if you’re married.
And yes, Singleness gives you the freedom to flirt…heheheh *chuckles

3.   Get a makeover. 
      Yes, look in the mirror. Are you still in the same hairstyle?
If yes, then get over it already! Treat yourself a worthy makeover. Spend your money on a super good hairstylist and try out new hairstyle.
Get rid of all your boring 20s dresses etc. and makeover your wardrobe.

4.   Travel, travel, travel.
Money can never be an issue to stop you from traveling. 
First you plan. 
Second, get cheap air tickets. 
Third, you start saving for that trip. 
Fourth, change money the moment the currency is low. Be smart. Oh! Make sure you have a passport. If you do, make sure it’s renewed.
Go travel. Find travel mates. Start small. Start with neighboring countries.
Stay in guesthouses instead of hotels.
Once you do it you’ll never want to stop.
I'm going to Cambodia in 11 days...yeay!
Fellow Malaysians, please clear up your PTPTN before you plan on traveling.
I’ll tell you how to deal with PTPTN in my next post…*wink wink

5.   Friends.
Make sure you have one or more.
Life without friends is just meaningless.
God gives us the ability to socialize so use it. Keep in touch with friends.
Hurt no one. Be good all the time. Then you’ll be the happiest single lady alive.
Most of my friends stopped hanging out with me the moment they jumped into a relationship.
I cannot guarantee myself being the opposite when I am in a relationship.
So, as a long as I am still single, I take the step to keep in touch with my married / in-a-relationship friends.

6.   Random act of kindness.
At 30, it is a shame if you have never done something good to others.
When you go to work tomorrow, hunt for people-in-need.
Help them. Simple random acts of kindness will kick-off your dull days and make you smile all the time.
Church goers, involve yourselves in you church’s mission trips. 
Can't wait for our India Mission Trip this September...

7.   Count your blessings.
Talking about mission trips, set a time to sit back and ponder back your life.
What have you achieved so far?
This might be the beginning of counting all your achievements.
What have you done in life?
How far have you come when academic comes to concern?
How far have you traveled?
How many good friends do you have?
It is undeniable that somehow you will feel you need a significant other.
But before you have one, try to achieve as much as possible because you might not
be able to do so once you’re married.
You need to make sure that all the times in your life have been spent well.

8.   Be crazy!
While driving. While sweeping the floor. While doing the laundry. While shopping.
While ironing……
DO something crazy! Something out of your comfort zone
(not against the law of life, religion and nature of course)
You might want to turn the music loud and do head banging while sweeping the floor?
Up to how you define crazy.
My definition of crazy is James Durbin.

9.   Say NO to pressure.
Never ever let your one-by-one-getting-married-friends press you down.
You might end up being squashed. 
Never let question like "When is your turn?" drives you insane.
Never ever let problems bound you.
Problems are made for living people.
None can escape problems.
Deal with it and get over it already.

10. Food glorious Food!
You might want to cut down on calories intake at this age.
Start eating healthy to enjoy longer life.
If you have been having Nasi Lemak as breakfast for the past 20 years
 (assuming you started having Nasi Lemak for breakfast at 10),
You need to STOP Nasi Lemak-ing NOW!

20 years x 365 Days =  7300 days.
7300 days x 389.5 calories = 2,843,350  CALORIES!

11.  Always stay connected to your God.
Regardless of who/what you believe in, always remember that God is the source of life.
Under no circumstances, always talk to Him.
Just say anything you want to say to Him.
Make it daily basis.
Above all, give thanks all the time.
If you never bothered to do so, this is the time for change.

Whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed, always remember that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.
It'll turn ugly if you failed to  move on and leave all your *past fears, traumas, and self-limiting beliefs.
These are no fiction. These are based on real life experience. 

*wink wink


Anonymous said...

travel travel travel! agreeeeeeeeeee

Cath said...

and it's addictive! hahahah!

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great post! loved it

Cath said...

Jolynn! welcome to my blog =D