Thursday, April 24, 2008

Your decision, Your Destiny

no temptation or attraction however potent, can force our assent;
no pressure or influence can possibly provoke our decision. Much can
be imposed on man's body by violence. ...he can be made to perform
certain actions repugnant to him, and particularly, can be prevented
from doing anything he wishes to do; but no matter what limitations are placed
upon his outward sphere of action, nothing, except himself, has any power
over his inward decision, over his ultimate, and irrevocably free, Yes or No.

Transformation in Christ
(Manchester, N.H.:Sophia Institute Press, 1990), 215


Friday, April 18, 2008

Yucky but Yummy

Sometimes yucky things are yummy

*chicken feet soup

think about it deeply...


Thursday, April 17, 2008

What if?

What if the sun is blue?
What if the sea is orange?
What if orange is red?
What if cherry is yellow?
What if banana is purple?
What if blackcurrant is green?
What if leaves are black?
What if....


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zulu Language

I wanted to upload Kura's pic but again lack of substance to write about.
Except that this is Mayu's Kura.

I found something interesting in Zulu Language

‘Ku dlokodla mfutsu’ translates to ‘to poke at a tortoise’, that is to put someone on the alert.
How in the world do we pronounce
‘Ku dlokodla mfutsu’?
Phonetic and Phonology experts...reveal yourself to me


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A New Beginning...For Better or Worst

Hell Yeah!
Folks, for the past three weeks
I have been super tiring myself
moving my stuffs
I remember asking myself "What was I thinking? Is this right? Should I move here?"
Having lived in urban area since forever, I doubt it that i can adapt myself here.
The nearest town is 11KM away. No fast-food restaurants....*sigh

Somehow, i began to fall in love with this place. These pics will tell you why:

This is how morning looks like from my bedroom.
Can you get this in the city?

Look at how real the sunrise is....


I call this 'Purest of Sunshine'

Too Hot The Eye of Heaven....

Some of you might wonder, where do I move and what did I do before this?
Well, I am a school teacher. Formerly an English lecturer in a local university.
Why School?
It's a passion.
First, in Uni, u just teach your students for 3 months and that's it.
Buh Bye
Second, I can only teach literature
Third, it's all about respect. God's knows what I mean
Fourth, 3 months is not enough for you to really know ur students' performances.

Well, 3days ago, my school sent a team to play bola baling.
Girls won 2nd place, while boys 3rd place.

On of my colleagues eagerly waiting for the game to start.

My Gurls

Boys in their jerseys

MRSM students...what can I say

Learning their opponents' weaknesses

Boy team

That's all for now folks.
See you in the next entry which will probably be in 2 weeks time...


Friday, April 4, 2008

Pardon my absence in blogging.
I will still be absent for these few days.
Busy moving.