Monday, June 2, 2008

Tribute to Iban Bloggers

Little do people know that I'm an Iban (native from Sarawak).
Having born and grew up in Labuan, I never knew how it feels to live in Sarawak.
Except for one particular year when i did my upper six in Kuching.
Well that was H***!
Hated it.
Don't get me wrong.
I don't hate Kuching, but I hated what i went thru there.
Nevetheless, if it wasn't because of SMK DPHAG Stampin, I wouldn't have gotten my STPM which contributed to the success I have today.
Altho it's just a B.Ed, still without STPM I could have ended working as a shopgirl till today!
My SPM wasn't promising enough for me to survive.

Then later I moved to Peninsular up to now.
I speak the 'Kerapu' or 'Lepeh' language fluently.
I wear only baju kurung to work (paling praktikal punya baju bah)

Then when would people ask,"What's ur plan this weekend?"
My standard answer would be "Church..

As a result of sublimal conditioning,
they'll react..
"Eh, u non ke? I ingat u Malay"....
In the end the people would know that I'm an Iban and i can speak Iban fluently....blah blah blah....

Yes...I've always been proud to be an Iban.
Thanks to my parents for talking to us in Iban now and then.
I found out that when I was born dad used to talk to me in English and mum scolded him.
Dad was responsible for instilling my passion towards English Language.
Wish he's here today.
Miss u dad. U ok up there?

Mum was a saviour.
Nganti nda gerenti aku enda nemu jako Iban.
Gerenti aku nemu jako Kedayan aja tauka English.
I saw many of my fellow Iban friends in Labuan who couldn't even understand an Iban word.

Oh no!
Tiba2 aku teringat daun pasa, buah kepayang, kasam j***.... Cis...
Daun pasa urang dito kelalu penat asai ya.
J*** pun dua kali lima.

I was googling some Iban sites when i found out there are tonnes of Iban bloggers out there.

I was extremely encouraged by these blogs. Salute to all these bloggers!
Long live Ibans!
Long live head hunters!

People may think The Ibans are like those they see in
The Sleeping Dictionary or the MayBank Ad

Sorry to say, they don't portray who Ibans really are.
For more info about The Ibans [click here]



Flo said...

Selamat bekelala!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i THINK THE IBANS ARE MANUPILATED BECAUSE OF THEIR IGONARANCE.The malay muslims(UMNO) are calling for malay mulim unity to dominate other races.Why the Dayaks are divided into iban,bidayu,melanu ,penan and umno refused to allow a dayak based party to be register?

Anonymous said...

My hearts bleeds to see the DAYAKS are not the chief minister although they are the majority.
If we have not join the federation like Singapore at least we would have English has the offical language and Christianity has the main religion.there is freedom of religion is a bullshit by BN dayak leaders.We have to accept the UMNO imposed religious policy.WHY? WHY?

Cath said...

Sorry to say...IBANS are a** kisser, coward. If i'm not a teacher, i would have been a politician by now.

Who ever u are mr/ms anonymous, together we stand for our tribe