Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Designed A Jacket!

A few days ago I read a blog entry from a friend of mine Bumesy.
She introduced her readers to this website

I tried it out so....VOILA!

If i were to produce and sell this ladies flat back rib full zip jacket, which design would you prefer?



CHANTIQUE79 said...

i like the first one. and i like the colour too

Cath said...

The maroon one? I like that colour too

Ain said...

I love the first design. very simple and nice (^_^)

Syari said...

Ha ha Cat, all are really nice! You are much more creative than me.

Maybe you should open up a shack. LOL

Anonymous said...

no 2. the black one... coz there's the horoscope at the back

Cath said...

Thanks, one day, u'll see this in store =D.

Thank you Mesy! Thanks for introducing this page.
I will open a shack. Dengan barang dah naik...i need one.

I suke colour maroon, tapi yang black tu lagi stand out kan? Becoz of d horoscope and then warna kuning tu contra dengan warna hitam.