Monday, September 1, 2008

To My Dear Bexy Gurl,

Happy Belated Merdeka...
I'm not feeling it


Here you go dear...

Reflective Writing

Basically it's about us reflecting about something.

Expressing yourself on paper.

What's your topic?
Is it a personal reflective writing (if it is then it should be like journal).

If got topic then the structure should be like this:
  • Thesis statement (Unsure about this, please lemme know)
  • Introduction (Thesis statement must be at the end of your Intro paragraph)
  • Body paragraphs (you should have topic sentences and supporting details in your body paragraph. One paragraph for one topic sentence. ).
  • Conclusion (Conclude all your points and paraphrase your topic sentences. You can put in any recommendations in ur concluding paragraph)

Btw, here's something for you =)
We got your postcard (Gerard said you're going back to UK right after u come back here. Is it true?):

Baby Eunice Idang Azaria:

More babies coming soon...

So lazy to go back to N.Sembilan today...




guam divorce immigration said...

very nice! hahahahaha

Rebecca said...

cathy, i've got to reflect bout my experience for one of my subjects. cos that subject got no exam wan. all teamwork, role play and presentations. we are free to write anything but i'm sticking to a theme of small group dynamics (leadership, brainstorming and participation).
not sure if this is called personal or topic reflecting.

so that means i need to follow a sturcture la?

when i reseasrch on reflective writing, i've never seen one with structure. haha.. good thing i asked you.

so far from what i gathered, i have to write in this way "event/incident - reflection - theory - implications"

struggling though. this reflective writing is 25% of my final marks. bah!

Rebecca said...

nola.. i will be in msia for a while. till end of the year definitely. but lets see how i do in the interview first. :)