Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Moment of Truth

15 Things You Should Know About Me

Tagged by Hana

Hana, here goes mine:

Fact 1 - My first crush was Amir Khan (of all the guys? so embarassing!)

Fact 2 - I was called 'balloon' back in Primary school

Fact 3 -
No, I wasn't a pengawas sekolah high school time but I was the Pengawas Buku Teks *blegh

Fact 4 - I secretly think I'm a freak

Fact 5 - Up to now, my sleeping record is 16 hours *excluding toilet rush la

Fact 6 - I think I'm in love Jared Tristan Padalecki (Sam of Supernatural) *blush

Fact 7 - I'm not rich

Fact 8 - I love cats sometimes they don't

Fact 9 - I hate leeches ...eeeewww

Fact 10 -
I daydream a lot. Mostly about food....muahahahahah!

Fact 11 - I love my bed.

Fact 12 - This year itself, I've received around 13 wedding invitations.

Fact 13 - I'm a shower singer...yeehaaa! (pity my housemates....heeeeeee)

Fact 14 - Not telling u

Fact 15 -
Not telling u either

So, the 5 peeps I'm tagging are Bumesy, Cokelat, Wanie Bear, Chantique, and Fiona Kab.



Syari said...

Thanks for this Cath. :) Looks fun. Will do it. :D

Anonymous said...

hahhhaaha fact 14 and 15 not telling??? tak aci!!!!!!!!!!!!

ade pengawas buku teks ye? hehehee

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