Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mitch Albom's

I bought these books last month and still haven't found my own sweet time to read them.
Except for Tuesdays With Morrie (read it 2 years ago)



Anonymous said...

i baru baca '5people u meet in heaven'

nanti nak pinjam the other two ok?

Miss Maple Syrup said...

Currently reading Tuesdays with Morrie..Best!!!

Cath said...

Bole, nanti i bagi Hana pinjam. Tuesdays With Morrie i dah baca lama dulu. Memang best.

Memang best. My colleague pun kata the other two pun best. Dats y sya beli semua

Miss Maple Syrup said...

Will run to the nearest bookstore lepas ni