Thursday, September 18, 2008


Any Tips on Diet?
Please share something here



Anonymous said...

hehehe puasa?
tapi jgn la bile buka puasa makan banyak plak.


Anonymous said...

oh new blog? versus mr fatty? pink.. wow

a new look

dana said...

i got one....try HERBALIFE...jd kak prof has yg suggest...dio dah lost a few kg..from size 18 to 14 she said....hope she doesn't mind telling tis in a blog...haha

Cath said...

I heard about Herballife. Memang berkesan. Cume needs discipline. I plan to buy it end of this month.
Wow! Size 18-14? Banyak tu.
Will try it.My mak angkat pun turun dalam 5 kg in 2 weeks i think. Tapi lepas tu die malas. So tak da perubahan.