Friday, September 12, 2008

The Ding Dong Tragedy

while clipping exam papers.
Around 4.50 pm
Ding Dong (door bell ringing la)

Opened the door. 2 boys came

Boy A: Teacher, I want to take my hockey sticks
Me, Myself and I: Ok.
Boy A: Thank You teacher.

Continued Clipping.
Ding Dong

Opened the door. 4 boys this time.

Boy B: Teacher, can we take the hockey sticks?
Me, Myself and I: Okay.
(Boy B wanted to open his shoes)
Me, Myself and I: No! No!, it's okay. Just wear your shoes.
Boy B: Thank you Teacher.
(After taking hockey sticks)
Boy B: Thank You teacher.
Me, Myself and I: Welcome. Boy C, how about you?
(Boy C, quietly went in and took one stick and went out without uttering even a word)

Me, Myself and I closed the door and continued clipping.
5.15 pm.
Again, Ding Dong

Opened the door. Woman A at the door.

Woman A: Ha, Cikgu (teacher), is Cikgu A here?
Me, Myself and I : No , she went out.
Woman A: Okay. I came to give this (I took 'it' from her).
Me, Myself and I: Okay.
Woman A: Okay Cikgu, I'm going home now. Got to cook for my daughter...blah...blah...blah
3 minutes later...
Me, Myself and I: (smiling) Okay bye

5.20 pm
Me, Myself and I went to the kitchen.
Prepared stuffs for dinner.
While preparing...
Ding Dong
Opened the door
Two girls came

Girl A: Teacher, is Ustazah A in?
Me, Myself and I: Yes, wait...(called Ustazah A)
The rest...itu hal mereka dan keluarga mereka

Went back to the kitchen.
5.30 pm
While chopping chicken...Ding Dong
Two boys came

Boy D: Teacher, is Teacher A here?
Me, Myself and I: No she's not...blah...blah...blah...(explaining where she went)
Boy D: So how can we open the **** door teacher?
Me, Myself and I: I don't know coz she didn't leave the key with me. You come back later ok?
Boy D: okay la teacher. (smiling) Thank You Cher
Me, Myself and I: Ok, welcome...

Went back to the kitchen.
Finished my chicken business.
Continued clipping exam papers.

6.28 pm...
Ding Dong...
2 boys at the door

Boy E: Hi Cher, is Teacher A here?
Me, Myself and I: No...blah, blah, blah...(explained it AGAIN)
Boy E: Ala la.Er...can I just wait outside here
Me, Myself and I: (Blurry) I don't know. She must me on her way back now. You come back later la
Boy E: Ok lah Cher. Thak You Cher
Me, Myself and I: Ok, welcome

6.30 pm
Continued clipping
Ding Dong
This time 1 girl

Me, Myself and I: Yes...
Girl B: Teacher, is Teacher A here.
Me, Myself and I: No dear. She went out. You come back later k?
Girl B: Okay teacher. Thank You.

By now, you should've noticed that...
None came to see Me, Myself and I

Moral of this story: don't be a warden if you hate Ding Dong sound

*Names in this entry were changed for security purposes.
*The conversations were translated from Malay Language.
*This is a true story

-The End-



Anonymous said... im glad im not a warden!!! mau nk masak pun ilang mood. Cat, i dh put up the pics. Check it out!!!!


Anonymous said...

ape budak2 tu nak??? ahhaha

sibuk je

w.a.n.i.e said...

aahhahaha!! I feel you gurl...Jadi warden mmg suckie sket..last night ade student dtg ketuk pintu rumah i at 11p.m...11p.m!!! Dorg nk bbq kat bwh rumah i..and dtg mintak minyak, gula segale bagai...sabo je la bebdk ni kan!!

Cath said...

Aku pun tak paham.
Tepaksale sabo.

Nak BBQ? Apakah?
Pukul 11pm?
Gile ape?

byni said...

haha..klakar..ape la bdk2 tu.