Thursday, September 4, 2008



The first attempt: Failed
(with Oprah Winfrey Show on Air)

Second Attempt: Bolehla
First Attempt: More Than Meets The Eye
Second Attempt: More Than Meets Both Eyes and Mr. Nose
Third Attempt: Yes!
First Attempt: Wow! Second Attempt: Wow! Wow! Thirt Attempt: Wow! Wow! Wow!
Fourth Attempt: Alamak...

When can i buy my own SLR Camera?

p/s these photos were purely taken by ME using my Sony Ericsson K810 Camera Phone...
*peace =)



Anonymous said...

comel nye kitty catsssssssss

Cath said...

Hehe...i feed them tapi i tak pelihara cume bagi makan. Feed Whiskas lagi tu. Dulu ada 4 ekor tinggal 2 je sekarang...sedih