Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Series of Unfortunate Events

Last month i banged a pole that caused my car to suffer from serious injury .
Yes, there goes my salary.

Things happened one after another. I haven't recovered from my 'fear of banging a pole' when I met another accident and guess what?...This time i was crushed in between two cars. It was all because of a stupid hole in the middle of the road.
Somebody, do SOMETHING!

If I were to count the holes in Shah Alam's road, I can guarantee, that everyone will point fingers to our Uncle Sam. Pity him. It's not his fault tho.

Although I do agree with the road safety experts that the biggest risk factor for traffic accidents is usually the guy sitting in front of the steering wheel I am also quite sure that sometimes the road planning (and building) people too have to take their share of the responsibility when disaster strikes.

Folks, I will not let you know what really happened but I'm just thankful that despite all these unfortunate events, I am still breathing and I have good friends in times of need.

Thank You Mayu, Kak Ros, Dek Yah, Kak Shila, Kak Hajar, Ajib, Rauf, Didie, Sharil, Hakimi, Afiq, Kak Ash, Farah, Syida, Hanim, Apai, Abg Kumar, Kak Jaq, Jia Yin, Michelle, Bex, Eva, Jason Ma Nigger and of course bebeh Phine.

Thank You for your help.
Thank You for your advice.
Thank You for your calls.
Thank You for your comfort.
Thank You for your courage.
Thank You for your protection.
Thank You for your prayers.

I owe My PAPA in Heaven a lot.
I owe HIM my breath, my life.
Because of YOU, I can stil laugh and smile like this!

By the way, no matter what you drive or where you are seated, wear your seatbelt!


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Well written article.