Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I just dont understand, what's wrong with me.
Compared to my old blog in XANGA
I don't know what to write here...
Lack of substance i guess...

I find that, people are so anxious about what they should write in their blogs.Some think they should write profound thoughts.
Hey, no offense, coz i think some of my frens are awesome bloggers like Bumesy.
These people are natural born writers.



Syari said...

Wow cat, I'm flattered. But I don't deserve the compliment. I wish I am a natural born writer. I do have difficulties to find things to write about. Just write about your everyday life lah Cat. I would like to read that.

MystiCat said...

Ya, i better stick to my musings kan?
Thanks 4 helping me out...coz i blur sesangat =p