Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The price of TRUSTING HIM

Happy - Happy Moments

Met an accident twice this year.
My TV went 'poof' yesterday.
Was broke for a few month.

A month ago.
I felt hopeless.
I asked God..
"God, where should I go?
What do You have for me in the future?
where do I go from here?..."

Manage to press on.
I was patient.
Zero complain.

But God revealed something in my dream
I was reading the BIBLE.
And there came this word from the BIBLE...
"Do not despair....for I am with You"
(Something like that la.)
I trusted HIM.

got a call...
Guess what?
I got a new job.
With better pay.
40mins from my place.
Means, I can still meet my KL and Malacca friends.

Now I am...

Thank You Jesus.
I love You.
I'm happier now!!

Happy - Happy Moments


1 comment:

Andy said...

woooot! congrats for the new job! bila start?