Friday, February 22, 2008


Happy - Happy Moments

I have lots of happy moments in my entire life. As long as I live, I opt to live life to the fullest. Connect yourself with me and you'll be happy.
Well, let me highlight two of the moments here.

It was when i had one superb holiday and bought myself a new handphone, car, hairmekeover, makan-makan, went to church camp and crashed at my friend's house. Well, i'll just show u the pictutes. Coz it speaks louder than writtings...=p

Before Makeover After Makeover

3 weeks ago my baby Myvi met an accident.
But, i was not given a chance to despair coz i hav a lot of friends
helping and supporting me!
READ HERE for more details.

What else could me happy at that point of time other than having friends
that could say the right thing at the right time?

Wouldn't your life be miserable without friends?
They coloured my life.
Accepted me as who i am.
They're gifts from Heaven.
Without them...there's no one to share my contentment with.

No matter what happens in my life...Joie De Vivre!
I am enjoying life folks!
Want to join me?


Happy - Happy Moments

Chiao ~MystiCat~

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