Thursday, July 3, 2008

VAIO or MACbook?

3 days to go to help me decide






Anonymous said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

Andy said...

Told u so many time. MacBook! MacBook! At least try something different. Vaio or other windows-based machines people use everywhere, anywhere. :P

Ok lar. Free to decide mah.. but if u like a "sleek notebook design" and "virus-free" operating system, go for MacBook. Tapi mun susah jak rasa mok jadi Mac-Switcher, ambik Vaio lah..

Eh! Terpulang lah.. :P

Cath said...

Aku baru jak baca forum VAIO tek. Fuh! Bad comments everywhere so aku drop VAIO.
MAC nang aku maok tapi cuma aku doubt compatibilitynya...
Last last aku rasa DELL Studio 15/17 jak aku ambik kelak

Azzam?? said...

oiiiiii... u want your answer?? read this one!!


Anonymous said...

DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! yang merah tu!!!!!!!!!! the one we saw kt kedai!!! RED DELL!!!!!

even tony stark / iron man guna DELL!!!

rajan r said...

Uhm, you could install Windows on a Macbook if compatibility is what you're afraid of.

Cath said...

U know wat Hana? I thought of that too. Coz VAIO banyak defect i baca kat kedai. Then MAC tak compatile.
Walaupun MAC lain dari yang lain tapi susah nak adapt ngan other devices.
I baru je decide of buying DELL Studio 17 yang warna merah.

I thought so. So, I changed my mind. Thanks Azzam. I really needed that kind of site.

I have to forget about MAC. MAC will always be my dream machine but not perhaps not now. Next time la.

What about the rest of the stuffs? Like Mouse, Pen Drive, Adaptor?
MAC cant use other than Apple's.