Sunday, July 20, 2008


I haven't congratulated these people on their Holy Matrimony
last month.

Kuching, Sarawak:
Diane and Yupiter

*courtesy of Kholyn

I miss these peeps.

*courtesy of Kholyn

Likas, Sabah:
Mimi & Jonathan

*Courtesy of Jim

Tamparuli Sabah:
Evangeline @ Noni and Godpray

*courtesy of Jim

God Bless Y'all =D

p/s these girls were my housemate back in Shah Alam.

These pics bring tears to my eyes.
Looking back at the ups and downs we went thru together in Shah Alam...'s amazing how we ended up where we are today.

I'm done with that chapter of my life.
Never want to go back.
I just miss the genuine friendship I used to have back in those days.
It's not that we are not friends anymore.
Things have changed.
They moved on.
I moved on.
There's no way I can find a friendship like the one we had anywhere else.

No way.
I have no friends here.
I don't intend to have one.

Don't intend to cross that colleague and house mate border.

What a pathetic life rite?
Nay...I can't find anyone that can be called friends here.
The nearest one could turn to would be in Malacca.
So, when I miss having friends around, and I'm too tired to drive down to KL...
I'll drive to Malacca.

Whatever it may be...
The Sisterhood of Grace BM Remains forever.

Till death do us part



Anonymous said...

more people are getting married.
I'm waiting for your turn!!!!

and that russel peter's video is soo funny!

it's true about the chinese people. haha

Kholyn De Great said...

dont be sad cath.. :) sy pun rindu jg zaman2 kita di grace dlu. especially time kita jd hsemate. those memories will last me a lifetime. kalo ko khwin jgn lupa jemput k. huhuu.. sy dngar ko dtg utk wedding edu. sy pun pigi coz sy jd pgapit dia. haha! byk kali sdh jd pengapit ni tp blum khwin2 jg. ;p

Andy said...

warabi.... sedih ku... Fuh! ilek la.

Rebecca said...

i know what you mean.
you know what's sad?
i dont think i've ever even had such a sisterhood.
i think i wall myself up too much. :)

but i so understand bout the "i have no friends here..."

im in my emo week.. :)

Cath said...


U know wat? Dis year itself i think i've gotten around 10 wedding cards.

The las one i got was .... JUST NOW!

Oh my!

My turn would be in...*sigh...


Sya rindu betul masa kita dulu. Sekarang kita semua busy dengan hidup sendiri.
Tapi yang paling sedih, yang tidak keep intouch dengan kita. Yang tidak reply mesej kita....
Haih...nda apala.
Yang penting, memori yang indah tu yang kita simpan...


Sedih oo cip. Kau dolok...dari Brothers house.
Dahla selalu ambik orang pergi church.
Dahla yang di sisters house selalu lambat.
leka ya kamek org di passion pun selalu lambat....
Seronok time ya cip.
Kinek tok majoriti dah ada keta.

Bexy Gurl,

I'm so emo too.
The sisterhood that we had...amazing.

It's okay if u never had such sisterhood. As long as you know who u can turn to in troubled times =)

FeLo said...

Uh, sad juga ko..
hmm, guess all of us has their own shares of stories kan.. relax2x.

Cath said...