Friday, July 4, 2008

DELL Inspiron Studio 17

Sorry folks,
I have to disappoint y'all.

I guess I'm not going to get any of those machines I mentioned earlier.

I have read a few reviews and forums on VAIO and MACbook.

I even read HP, ACER and DELL.

The only one that appeals to be free from complaints is DELL.
I'm getting a RED DELL Inspiron Studio 17

That's why I deleted the poll above my page.

The best thing I will definitely like about is the Slot Optical Drive.
Looks a bit like MAC's.
At least I can experience MAC there.

There's always a room for conscious optimism though.

Nonetheless, I really want to thank those who voted =D.
FYI the highest vote was for VAIO.



Andy said...

Haha.. Looks cool. Boleh la aku pinjam.

Cath said...

Boleh cip. Tapi ko paksa pegi ctok la....wuahahahah...
Aku dah nangga di kdai ari ya. Kacak cip.
Nang aku dah berkenan. Cume sebab namanya DELL bah. Kedak jenama Cipalang jak. Tapi mun nangga rega kurang lebih MACbook ngan VAIO juak.
Sik Sabar aku tok cip.

Anonymous said...

cat!!! yes the red dell!!! drool ~

mane u? lame tak nampak u!!! where r u? busy ke?

rajan r said...

Haha, I still think you should have gotten a MacBook. I used to work for a Dell service company and I know people who use Dell - it isn't "complaint free". In any case, MacBooks and Vaois are market leaders in the notebook business so more users = higher chances of complaints.

And slot-loading drives aren't good. Imagine if you have a small CD you want to play...

Cath said...

I was back last friday but din get to go anywhere except for Sunway to survey laptops.
I dah jadi warden....woooo....
Busy giler. But i'll be back next month. Ada school holiday 1 week.
We meet time tu nanti k?

Oh my! I haven't tot of that one. I mean the small CD. If like that, then MAC would have the same prob too coz it's using slot driver.

I guess i won't be getting VAIO coz SONY is not pro in computer making yet.
MAC...urgh...i'm out of budget coz i just got the's almost RM6k.
My budget is just RM4.5K

But i have another one HP Notebook. Forgot the model.