Friday, July 25, 2008

Today in History

To my dearest friend Bumesy,
Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!
Mesy, I was browsin thru our pics back in 2001 last nite.
Dya still remember the time wen we acted.
I was the Samseng Apek and my pants....%*^%$&$^&%&#$*%^*&(*&?

To my dearest Sis in Christ Kak Jaq,
Selamat Hari Pengada!
Can't wait to see ur second baby.

Wishing both of you a very happy birthday in 150 languages =)

May God bless both of you. Amen



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Syari said...

Cat, thank you for this. :) Yes, I will always remember that theater act!

I am laughing as I'm typing this, recalling when we both wanted it to look realistic. Too realistic,not only your pants %&*^&%$&^&%, but I thought I gave you some bruises too. Ha ha ha Aduh lah Cat... Sure had sweet memories with you.

izuan said...

cat, i love mariah carey's "bye bye" so much. thanks for posting ths videoclip!!

Cath said...

U're welcome Izuan =)