Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fell in Love

This was in one of Chantique's blog entries. Couldn't help it but to tell the's been a while since I heard beautiful guitar sound. I'm fell in love with this one.
Ignore the lyrics.

This is Keith's best performance ever.
Even better than the one in his album.

Just listen to the guitar.

Keith Urban: You'll Think of Me




Anonymous said...

oh yes i love this song.
the sound of the guitar sgt best. drool..

oh did i tell u that i find men who play the guitar are sexy?

and those that play the piano is a romantic...

i want a guy who can play either one of these...


Rebecca said...

cathy... i memang like keith since his first album.
why ignore the lyrics? the lyrics are good.. cleverfully written. good break up song dont you think?

his songs are just the right tempo for me. not to mention sexy voice. haha..

and yes i agree with hana above.. guys who can play musical instruments and sing are so sexy... haha!!

Rebecca said...

ooh...i love the ending of this version! it wasn't on the album.. nice!!

Cath said...


I agree with u too. If Keith wasn't married i would've fallen in love with him as well. =p


The lyrics are good but in this version i found the guitar has overpowered the lyrics.
But i loooovvveee the ending part. Seems like he's angry at someone rite?

Anonymous said...

cat, ape salah nye fall in love with him walaupun dah kawin? ;)

it's not like we're ever going to dapat him. hahhaa

berangan saje... jadi lah

Cath said...


CHANTIQUE79 said...

hahh...i am glad many of u love his song :)