Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Air Asia: The Curse of the Tune Hotel

Labours Day holiday was officially a getaway for me.
I had a ‘Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Trip’ to Penang with my family.

3 days 2 Nights.
1st night stayed in Butterworth and in Penang for the 2nd night.
The highlight of this trip was of course as I’ve mentioned
....Food Glorious Food!!!!!!!!!!!1

Remember my entry condemning Air Asia last year?
Well, consider this as the SEQUEL of that entry...

We’ve heard how ‘EVERYBODY CAN FLY’ using Air Asia.
We’ve heard how they can deceive their customers by luring us with this tag line
‘FLY TO __________ FOR FREE’ and we could end up paying more than RM100++.
We’ve heard how we should buy our tickets few months prior to the trip date
so that we can get
‘super cheap’ ticket.
Later, we’ve heard that they have hotels and they proudly name them ‘TUNE HOTELS’

However...little that we know that the hotels’ booking system is exactly the same as the flights’.
First come first serve basis.
The earlier you book, the cheaper price you’ll get.
And in the website.....Muaxs! Marvelous!
The rooms look superb! Superb! Superb!

Unfortunately, we didn't book early enough that we had to pay quite an amount of money for our rooms....
Yes, we reserved 5 Air Asia’s Tune Hotel rooms.

Okay...are you ready for this?:

1. Upon arrival we were told that only one car could park at the parking lot
(what? We reserved 5 rooms and only one car could go in?)
2. The lobby is pathetic
3. Went to our rooms and found out that:
a. they have air-cond b. they have hair dryer
c. a queen sized bed (not friendly to those who are 5’8)
d. they have ceiling fans
e. no towels
f. no shampoo
g. no shower gel
h. half transparent bathroom door
i. there’s Wifi
j. there are advertisements all over the room including the toilet
k. no wardrobe only a railing and 2 hangers and...just see the pics and you’ll know4. With a little disappointment, I turned on the air-cond wasn’t working!
5. I tried the hair dryer and it wasn’t working as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6. I never knew that we had to pay extra to use the air-cond, hair dryer and Wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Air-con charge: RM13++ for 12 hours and RM20++
8. If you want towel, you’ll have to pay RM15 to rent it! was our fault.
We didn’t read the hotel description given in the website.
But still...
This pay-as-you –use system sucks!
5-star sleeping experience at a 1-star price?
Such an irony...

Tune Hotel of Jalan Burmah, Penang had successfully made me sinful
due to excessive cursing ....

If my 1st entry on Air Asia tag line was: Everybody Can Wait
The tag line for this one would be: Everybody Can Curse

Damn Air Asia!

*ad next to the bathroom door

*ad in the toilet

*ad at the bathroom door

*ceiling fan's ad

*this is the ceiling fan

*ad outside our room

*1 hr 00 min left for air-cond and hair dryer (not paid)

*mini queen size bed

*pay-to-use air-cond

*see thru bathroom door -censored

*ad right in front of of our room

*I'm impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

oh my god! you've got to be kidding me.

have to pay for aircond? rm15 for towel? yucksssssss and they are used towels.

see through bathroom? WTF

5 stars my ass. i went to 3 stars hotels and they are way better than tune hotel. i vow never to go here.

Cath said...

We ended up paying RM100++ per room.
I could even get a better place with a bathtub at other hotels.

Cuma masa tu semua hotels and apartments dah fully booked.

See what I mean?
Even you cursed Hana.
Lolz! Hahahahaha!

Might as well I buy my own towel which would only cost me less than RM10.

Unless we can get RM10 for the room than I would consider it or go for backpacking trip....

Still...I prefer budget hotels...

Syari said...

Never believe hypes. LOL If it sounds too good to be true, then it must not be true. He he he.

Doesn't look much like a hotel room with all those ads.

anastasheeka said...

its surprised me to know that such a big company provides those stuff with low quality. ^^*