Friday, May 15, 2009

The Day Where Stupidity Meets Righteousness

By now, everyone should know that I'm an English Language teacher.

Concluded the lesson ...

Bell rang....

Teacher : Thank You class

Students : Thank You Teacher

One of the students (a boy) came to the teacher

Student : Cikgu esok cikgu free tak masa rehat?

Translation: Teacher are you free tomorrow during recess?

Teacher : I’m not sure yet. Why?

Student : Saya langsung tak fahamlah cerita ‘The Pearl’ nie teacher. Satu pun tak faham.

Translation: I don’t understand this ‘The Pearl’ story teacher. Not a single thing.

Teacher : Not even a single thing?

Student : Ya

Translation: Yes

Teacher : Why didn’t you tell me when we were doing the lesson few weeks ago?

I did ask whether you understand or not, didn’t I?

I did ask those who have problems to come and see me personally, didn’t I?

You should have told me then.

Exam is next week and you only tell me that

You don’t understand the story now?!


Student : Sebab cikgu ajar dalam Bahasa Inggeris sebab tu lah saya tak faham

Translation: I can’t understand because you taught in English

Teacher : &%$&@$!^^@!*()&)!!!!! (for 2 minutes)

What does he expect?

Of course I teach in English coz it's English Language class....

Don't tell me I should teach English using Tamil language...(T_T)v

If you were an English teacher...what would you do?

By the way, I am known with my ‘SPEAK IN ENGLISH IN MY CLASS’ reputation.

Obviously, this boy doesn’t give a damn ....



Anonymous said...

ha???? well if he doesnt understand the story in english, how is he going to answer the questions? the questions are going to be in english.


Cath said...

Statement yang dia buat tu statement cepu emas Hana...
I geram gile when he said that.
Memamngla I ajar in English coz English class ape.
Die nak I ajar dalam bahasa MElayu all the way.
Ngok ke ape die tu?

Anonymous said...

Klau ko kena ajar English dlm BM,maka aku kena ajar English guna bhs Arab.
Sama mcm ajar speaking,an hour of speaking class,end up aku sorg je yg speak...hampeh!Bukan student ko tu sorg je yg ngok...klas aku ada majority ngoks.
Apek Keji

Cath said...

Hahahah! Wan....memang...sangat hampeh...aku rasa macam nak tampo je budak tu masa dia cakap macam tu....
Maknanya selama nie masa aku ajo dia tak paham sepatah bende pun ke?...
Ngong Koi