Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AK 5216

What is the significance of Air Asia?
"Everybody can fly"?
I guess not...
It should be
"Everybody can you please wait?"

Our flight to Kuching were delayed for almost 2 hours.
Did I mention we were delayed twice?

Now, this DUMB DUMB Air Asia has a new policy.
If the flight is delayed for more than 2hours,
they will compensate each affected passenger with RM200 GIFT voucher.

Guess what, I just knew about this when I read the flight's mag JUST NOW.

Here's where I can call them CLEVER.

When I suddenly realized
we were delayed for 1h 40mins...on the ground
1st time the flight came late.
Then 2nd time something wrong with one of the tyres.
Then later they asked us to board the flight....
while they were still fixing the tyre
and ended up waiting for another 30-40mins?

Want to know why?
I guess they want to avoid giving gift vouchers.
So, they urged us to board the flight.
Which means we are going to depart....
Evilly Clever (is there such adverb? who cares)
If my maths is correct, that equals to about 2hrs 20mins of waiting!!!

Enough with the delayed matter.

While waiting I suddenly missed my hometown Labuan.
Haven't gone back for 6 years.
Haven't seen dad's grave for 6 years.
Family all in Sarawak.
I can't believe my eyes when I saw this:

Our boarding gate to Kuching was next to Labuan's boarding gate.
I looked around and saw a few familiar faces from Labuan.
My ex-schoolmate from primary school.
My ex-classmate's parents.
My 'delayed' issue was CALMED down by the word 'Labuan'

Thank God I had my Sister and Bro In Law with me.
They were in KL to attend their church's national convention.
Here's the tired looking me.
Actually the 'no make up on' me...
What can a delayed flight do when one can devour a big and scrumptious DURIAN in one shot?
*biggest DURIAN I've ever seen in my 28 years of living!



Syari said...

Oh my goodness... Cath! To bapak durian ke? LOL Gosh, never seen that big durian before.

Cath, your sis dah anak lom? I remembered when she got married. First time, I think I saw your bil's pic.

You are so nearby to Labuan, why not just pop there once in a while. :)

Azzam?? said...

WTF!!!! tu durian kaaa jantung orang??

Cath said...

Mesy, tu memang durian dari kampung abang ipar i. I pun tekejut.
Sampai2 je terus makan durian.
Nex year i balik labuan coz sekarang ble dapat free ticket ke labuan every year.
My sis belum ada ank Mesy. Sth wrong with her left tube. It's clamped...i mean melekat. Hope after surgery nex month she can conceive.

Azzam, tu memang durian. Memang besar .....eeeeeeeeeeee

CHANTIQUE79 said...

cathy..bisi di kuching nuan diatu? i am going to labuan on the 17-19 to attend a wedding function. pls give me your mobile phone no. i lost my phone or pls sms me...i lost my phone twice! sucks!

Cath said...

Agi sama number nuan Jen?

CHANTIQUE79 said...

au. aku call nuan enda nyaut...

Anonymous said...

wow besarnye durian!!!