Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pleading All Teachers to Respond

OSomething happened yesterday during Form 5's graduation.
I don't know where and how to start.
It's a bit sensitive......
Well the high school where i'm teaching uses CGPA or pointers instead of normal grades.
Once the Form 5 students got their trial result, they will have graduation day.
Okay, here's the issue ...when the system says u cant grad, means u can't.

But these kids are too young to be 'punished' like this.
They're just form 5 (17 years old).

What would u feel if u were not qualified to graduate but u still have to go up the stage,
with ur below 2.00 CGPA displayed on the white screen and then u r d only one not wearing the robe 'jubah konvo'?
What would u feel?

Plus, parents r watching.

What would you do, if ur students came to you and ask "Teacher, kiteorang tak nak naik boleh tak?
(Teacher, can we not go up?)"
My eyes teared when i heard this.
As a teacher, it broke my heart to break theirs.

What would you do if u r their parents?

Yes, they did wrong things.
They screwed up in their exams.
They were also the black sheeps of the school.
But there are some other ways to punish them.

Overheard someone said "Let them go up and learn their lesson. Serve them right"

What? By humiliating them?

We teachers stood up for them.
We didn't want them to go up.
Other school with the same system give students choice to go up or not to go 

I was once a black sheep in school.
But I was given a chance.
I thought I don't deserve one.
But a teacher gave me one.
Here I am today.
Because of that chance I was given, I am a teacher myself.

I am living my teacher's legacy.
Teachers should give students a chance when they think they don't deserve one.

That chance will create a miracle.

Trust me.
I am a miracle.

They finally went up.
Three of them.
All gentlemen ( i don't like calling them 'boys')
Amazingly their friends who graduated gave them support
and clapped the loudest clap
and cheered for them.

Ironically, none clapped for those who graduated.

That's what friends are for.
To support and To electrify...

We teachers are here ....
To Inspire

What say you?



Izuan said...

you're right cathy, and i agree with you. it's very embarrassing for them and their parents. but when i read that they did go up at last (even though they did not want to at first) and their friends cheered for them, i felt very touched.

they can be punished in other ways, but this is pure humiliation.

Syari said...

I'm no teacher, yet I don't think anyone deserves to be humiliated as such. I think not being able to graduate is a punishment in itself.

husni said...

that is messed up...experiences like these will stay on in your head all your life. what a counter-educational way to punish students, one that would be cringed at by Skinner and Einstein if they were still alive.

Most teachers in Malaysia are still obscure to the fact that every student has a potential, and forget that no matter how "disobedient" or "delinquent" a student is, they will eventually grow up, and most of them will realize their mistakes. Teachers have to stop running schools like a boot camp.

a complete overhaul of the system is long overdue in the case of Malaysian education.

Anonymous said...


i agree. there are other ways to teach them a lesson. not to humiliate them.

tapi, at least everyone clapped. so ok kut... better than everyone 'boo-ing'

Cath said...

Thanks you for your responses all.

Imagine kite konvo macam nie.
Mana nak letak muke?

True, it's like double punishment there.
Humiliation + Not able to graduate = 2 Punishments

Make sure u come back to Malaysia with ur Phd do sth here.
Or do a research on Msia education system use it against KPM.

I menangis bile diorg tepuk tau.
Tapi parents2 mestilah duk mengutuk kat belakang tu

One day, i will become a principal...
One Day I will...

This will leave a deep scar in their heart.
They should be enjoying the last bit of their high school days. Not hate it.
Imagine one day if their kids ask them about their Form 5.
Do you think they have a story to tell?

Ridwanlau said...

Cath,I believe U'll be a good principal. Interesting issue...

Cath said...

Thanks Wan.

Hari nie ada 5 orang kene gantung sekolah. Semua form 5.
Sedih I.
Panjang crita....

Rebecca said...

that was really mean.. poor them.
i nearly cried reading what you wrote.
but at least friends supported and cheered them on.
life is not just about the grades. there is so much more (this is coming from someone who studies like crazy...)

Anonymous said...

i'm one of the fivers 08'..
n i would just like to say;


i should've known that u r the best teacher we've ever had!!


Cath said...

Whoever you are, hope everything goes well for you in the future.