Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Celcom Broadband - Highly Recommended

Got myself Celcom Broadband last Friday.
School's Wireless always have problem.

I don't have to worry.
I can browse when others can't *evil laugh

U want one?
Then u should have RM600 in your hands.

RM499 (purchase ur modem) + RM68(Advance payment)

Monthly bill: RM68 (for basic user)

No regret.
Except for one thing.
Rural area means no 3G.

Then you have to depend on GPRS which is super SLOW!
Well, better than not connected at all right?



MrReeks said...


dym said...

Wah, that looks so cute! Is it smaller than Maxis Broadband, or are they about the same size?

Cute la! Yeah, one thing for sure, I think it's cute than the Maxis one! Haha =p

Cath said...

Mr. Reeks
Maxis...no signal here. Digi...in your dream....so only CELCOM GOOD

No No to others.....

It's exactly the same as Maxis's. Maxis and Celcom both use Huawei's Modem.
But Celcom has a smaller one. Lije pen drive but it's RM699.
Maxis has plenty of design to choose now. But Celcom has better coverage.

Anonymous said...

hahaha its so funny when u said, digi in your dream. it kind of clashes with their advertisement, digi sentiasa bersama mu, everywhere you go. something like that la the iklan. which freak me out.. i mean the yellow toyol tu menakutkan ok! hahaha

Cath said...

True Hana,
I will follow you tu hanya khayalan semata2.
Kalau kita criticize cara literature, i'd say that orang kuning ti menunjukkan khayalan yang tak mungkin wujud di muka bumi.
Dalam dunia realiti, memang DIGI tak pernah sampai kampung pun.
Kampung nenek i. Celcom je dapat.

Anonymous said...

thats so true. criticizing the literature way.

the orang kuning is like an imaginary friend. he's everywhere you go. even in olympic games, u depend on him to help you. like angkat berat, swimming dive tu. did u watch that iklan?

hahaha imaginary friend. imaginary phone coverage.


Anonymous said...

DIGI certainly has the most horrible coverage..,even at my campus. go to the corner and thn, no more coverage. stup*d digi..

i love the "imaginary coverage comment" XD

found ths blog whn i was browsing for broadband...hehe...

MrReeks said...

I like Nasi lemak... Better coverage in the morning..

Ridwanlau said...

I use Digi as well, but honestly it is no good at all. It sucks!!! Really. Iklan Digi tu mmg tujuannye menipu semata-mata,skarang ni ada itik bodoh plak. Walaupun mcm cute,tp ia cuma khayalan.

Cath said...

Sekejap Orang Kuning, Sekejap Itik bodoh, sekejap takda maskot lansung. DIGI memang takde pendirian Wan.