Sunday, August 24, 2008

Induction @ Genting Highland: Day 10


Regurgitating now.....

I can't take this anymore.
These topics are too hard to comprehend:

1. Perintah Am (continued)
2. Dasar-Dasar PEmbangunan Kerajaan / RRJP dan Wawasan 2020
3. Pengurusan Integriti dan Akauntabiliti

Night: Did Public Speaking on a topic i created on my own.

Topic: Joyful all the way (basically tips on how to be happy all the time)

1. Morning atitude
2. Approach people with love
3. Live in the moment
Conc: Don't add days to your life but add life to your days.


Ejecting the contents of my brain through writing.

This can't be happening. Struggling with my Malay Language now.

As a result:

This idea crossed my mind.

Is this guy an Uztaz? If i say 'Yes', will u ever believe me? I need responds.



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