Friday, August 15, 2008

Induction @ Genting Highland: Day 1

On this day, a history has been made...
When I, Cathy Nelson Sigan...
Miraculously (that's wat i think)...
Drove up to genting (not really way up, Goh Tong only)
Still genting mah =p

I brought my pet tortoise 'Kur Kur' with me.

Reached at 3.10pm.
Checked in.
Turned on my laptop.
Yes! There's wireless!
Room 127.

Hotel Seri Malaysia.

With my one year old license...proud of myself

Dinner Menu:
1. Rice

2. Daging Padprik
3. Bayam Masak Air
4. Sup Daging
5. Forgot la...too many

Activity: Briefing

p/s no pic ... yet


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nak makannnnnnnnnnnnnn