Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Due to some recent setbacks, I decided to take another respite from blogging
so that I can sort things out in my head, on my desk, in my room and my entire house.

I had dozens of paper to mark.
Successfully finished them yesterday.
I have SPM to invigilate (still invigilating til 4 Dec)

And when i'm done,
I'm off to Kuching til January

Til then...(^_^)v



Ridwanlau said...

Selamat jalan ke Kuching,Selamat tinggal semenanjung. Gambar kahwin aku da ada dlm blog Hannef.
Klau tak keberatan,bawakan lah ole2 (buah tangan) dari Kuching. Thanks.

Dame Fio O'Kab said...

Girl, aku ada di Kuching 13 Dec tok..before heading back to Miri for Christmas...probly 19th or 20th dec aku balit miri from kch..will keep u updated ya..muah, take care!