Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Dreaming No More in Cambodia

Years ago, 
traveling seemed impossible...
I thought I would never had the chance to travel.
Money constraint.
Never dream big.

Well, I daydream no more...
After Krabi, Thailand, i got addicted to it.
Learnt to 'Budget Travel'...
And yes, Cambodia kicked off 2011...

Legendary Angkor Wat

Ta Phrom: Intriguing
*where Tomb Raider was filmed

South Gate: Bayon


uploading incomplete due to interrupted connection..

to be continued...


hana_lalalala said...

Happy nyeeee! Seronok kan travel? Lets travel some more!

Cath said...

hahahah! seronok....duit ada tak ada tu lain cerita...hahahah!