Friday, May 20, 2011

Cambodians Through My Eyes

The endearing charm of a little child selling souvenirs
to earn a living
The heartbreaking cry begging for USD1
The struggles of men to put food on the table
The march of monks to embark peacefulness
The free education hoping to educate the young generation for a better tomorrow 

Jetty: Tonle Sap

Floating Houses
making ends meet
Child Labour...but they go to school in the morning

Nice to see, but once you shot their photograph
they'll demand USD1

No sign of despair
with destination
getting their Talisman
his bread and butter

"buy this for one dollar...."

Joanne bargaining

Arabian guy politely said
"I cannot buy this, I have bought from you friend and I don't have enough money...okay?


School on Saturday

School days : Monday to Saturday

Flip Flop to school is already considered luxury

Hope of Generation

March of Monks

Cannon Ball!

Rowing against the shallow water

hoping to put food on the table...

Good Samaritans

Floating Market

Floating village at Tonle Sap ...err ignore the!

a heartbreaking scene of a boy begging for 1 dollar
notice the little child on the other sampan?

Spirit house

Cute....but stupid me for not putting my camera into motion mode....

shallow muddy water...
the job must go on

For me, it was a harrowing experience
For the Cambodians, it is life
For they were born amidst hardship...

God, please bless their land. Amen.



Anonymous said...

They eat the crocs? Siannyeee

Cath said...

ha a Hana, they eat crocs...hari tu tour guide tanya kiteorg..."do you want to eat crickets, grasshopper, spider...." before he even finished his question kiteorg cepat2 say 'No"...hahah!