Monday, May 16, 2011

Celebrating Educators

Level of Difficulty

Scolding & Babbling: Easy
Teaching: Moderate
Educating: Difficult

Have I done enough to educate?
What they become in 10 years time will be the answer to that...

Salute to all teachers and educators...

Happy Malaysian Teachers' Day!

Angling Lesson from a Language Teacher

Thank You for the Card

A visit from ex-students
on 2011's Teacher's Day

Down Memory Lane

Angling: Break Loose from exam

Hospital: A boy fractured his toe during SPM.
Yes, sending him to the hospital was our duty...

SPM over: supporting teachers

Hostel Clearance: Last day at school



Anonymous said...

Happy teacher's day cat!

Cath said...

thank you Hana, happy teacher's day to you too...i still ingat lagi masa ngajar kat SU dulu...mcm dah lama sgt...pdhal baru four years ago