Monday, March 10, 2008

Joy of a weekend

Over the weekend...I got my hair cut!
To tell u the truth, my hair did not turn out how i wanted it to be
so i had to alter it myself....
Got all psyched up during MassComm Festival.
Up to one point I forgot that I'm a lecturer!
Helped a friend of mine to set up her students' Photo Gallery.

By the way, i guess u have noticed that some of my pics have watermarks on it...
I mean d
Just in case u grab my photos, u'll have my watermark on it ;p.
Only selected pics have watermarks.
Coz it's precious...
Well actually it depends on whether I have time to watemark it or not *blegh

Oh ya...d election
Thanks to me for not voting *shook head

New Haircut

FesComm 2008...

Meet Aunty Cleaner - Students' Band

Mr & Mrs Turtle

Mr. Scorp

Photo Gallery = Incomplete

Photo Gallery= Under Progress

Lina doing her design work

The Gallery: Episode 1

*to be continued.....


1 comment:

Syari said...

Dear cat here is the link for my PPP referral.

Good luck dear. muahs!!

P/s: I had a feeling you were writing about your mom regarding your dad with the poem.

Yeah we really have a lot to talk about.