Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Play 2008: WHY?

We did YDYD (Your Decision, Your Destiny) 1 &2, What's in the Name?, The Bridge,
Witness (for 2 years)...and this year...we did WHY?

It was all about: Why does Jesus had to die for us.

Behold: The Tenaga Buruh ( The Crew)

John. A, Daniel. K, Arveen. N and Vicky. N

Renesh: The Mandur

Shaun: The 2nd Mandur

Kak Jaq & Ola: The penonton

From behind: Ravi (tukang edit video), Justin (the Kepala) and Rueben (the pelakon)

Tenaga buruh on the scaffolding....notice the Bzbodies below the scaffolding?

Their parents were bz setting the up the stage...

Ola & Faith Reilly

Reilly and Mummy (Joanna Fickus)

Solo & Bexy (the mastermind)

Shirley & I (Permanent Bzbody)

Fool...I am such a Fool...
Due to serious excitement...i forgot to take
any pic from the Play.
Sorry folks....
By the way, the play was yesterday nite.
We had tremendous attendance and woohoo!
a few peeps accepted Christ!
The CSI: Jerusalem video was awesome.
Oh no...u can't find it anywhere else,
the copyright belongs to GCSA...well thats our church's acronym.

Nevertheless, I managed to snap a few pics from our Sunday Service's (this morning)
short play: The Champion

Supernatural Wrestling Federation (SWF)
Behold: Jesus vs The Devil

Happy Easter All!
Know that Jesus Loves You.


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Syari said...

Cat, when I go back to M'sia boleh join tak theater?? nga ha haha