Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's a Passion

Traveling up and down from Malacca to Negeri Sembilan everyday is probably a bad idea. Especially when you have to wake up at 5.30AM everyday and take off at 6.30AM...EVERYDAY, so that u won't be late to work. The truth is, i don't mind. Despite the amount of Petrol I've pumped into my Baby for the past few days, I'm overwhelmed.

7.05 am



I'm trying to enjoy my last few days here (well i will come down to Alor Gajah everyweek tho...ahaks..) Coz i know i'll miss my students here. I know there is no way i can find irresistible peeps like them anywhere else. My colleagues...aww...they're fabulous! The food here...scrumptious.

These Are My Students

Art & Design Darlings

A big THANK YOU to DAD for throwing me the best and sweetest Farewell Party ever.
I never thought they would organize it coz i only taught them last semester.
I will always love you guys!
Will miss ur hugs and kisses...=p

MassComms' Georgeous and Beauties

Azzam, truly ur class is the best MassComm class in UiTM Malacca.
I can't deny that.
Sir Rauf was amazed that y'all helped him arranged all those tables without being asked.
He praised u guys!

And thank you for the surprise Party.
Sorry for hitting u Azzam....I was shocked!
Shock-ness + Ms. Cat = Someone being hit

Business Studies Heroes and Heroines

Shahir don't worry, i'll keep 'that' as a secret....=p
Thanks for the book Rakinah.
Boys....enough teasing the girls....

Accountancy Warriors

Really wish Arif was with us..


Too bad i have to leave this place and move to Gemencheh..... (do you know that Gemencheh is only 48KM away from Alor Gajah? It's like from Shah Alam to KL)....
Maybe u thought..."What's the big deal? It's not far anywhere..."
What's the big deal?
The dark and winding road are the big deals.
I'm risking my life every time i chose to travel there.

Folks, I was probably one of the most bored homosapiens in the Universe this week.
So...behold are the things I've done for the past few days.

1. My cubicle was empty.
My students gave me a lot of farewell cards.
So empty cubicle + pretty farewell cards = Decorated Cubicle

Given by Ellysha Nur of SMKSU

2. Atiqah and Eiz gave me this:


Oops! I broke one of its legs

So, i assembled em and....

Thank You for being my sunshine all.
Know that I love y'all.
Know that you'll be missed.
Know that my prayers are with you.
Know that I taught u with passion.
Whatever it is, a lecturer I am not.
Teacher I am...


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Anonymous said...

hey hey!!!!

banyak nye cards!!!!!!!!!!

where will u be living nanti?

quarters guru ke?