Thursday, January 24, 2008

Best Friend Award

Thank You for this award Bumesy!
Now that I've got this award, I shall pass it on to my friends:
  • Bumesy
  • Hana
  • SeInaz
  • Bex
  • Eva
  • Gerard

Sadly, none of them have ever visited me since I moved to here.




Syari said...

I visit you apa. anyways you should go and visit their blogs and inform them of your new blog. :)

Monday Morning Power said...

You have been added to the "Big Bang" master list, officially, at #539. Don't forget to come by and copy/paste the complete list back to your site. Doing this frequently assures maximum link benefit for everyone who joins.

Please let me know when you have posted the Big Bang so I can take you off my "conditional" list.

Thanks for playing. If possible, try to get others to play also. It will benefit everyone. By keeping your list current with mine you won't have to respond to individual participant requests to add them to your list.