Sunday, January 20, 2008

...started all over again...

Just like other bloggers….
I have decided to move on to a better blog space.
Xanga has many limitations and can no longer hold the fascinating depictions as I describe them to you. It's kinda 'skema GABAN' tho.
Yeah I know, I'm not a GREAT blogger...neither did I write impressive entries back
But I need a new environment with plenty of layouts.
I need a new space for new ideas. Not only I need a new space but MORE space.
I simply need a fresh start.

So, here I am, adapting myself to my new Home.
Somehow, Xanga will always be missed and I shall visit it everyday.

Looking forward for a great journey here folks.

Remember folks, XANGA IS

But you're most welcomed
to read it.



Syari said...

yo ho cat... lemme be first to comment here in your new home. (menyemak) lol. check for cool templates.

Back in xanga, I always wanted to comment but real hassle need to register. hu hu hu.

Anonymous said...

hai cat.. kay here.. new blog eh.. colourful. comel la. how r u? where r u rite now? miss u la cat.. meowww