Friday, December 16, 2011

Art Worship Performance by Chad Stamatelaky at Grace Church Shah Alam Christmas Dinner (11 Dec 2011)

Must watch!

Kudos Kuya Chad Stamatelaky! Wholly led by the Holy Spirit, accompanied by 'Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)' by Chris Tomlin, he magnificently and aesthetically caricatured the image of Jesus Christ in less than 10 minutes! This captivating caricature that he drew free-handed during Grace Church Shah Alam, Malaysia Christmas Dinner, 2011, was auctioned for RM5000.

Wow! And just when you thought he's RM5000 richer, perhaps you need to know him better...*wink wink

Both Chad and his wife Mellany are involved in Children Ministry, feeding 800 street children every day and it isn't easy without enough rations and financial support but hey! Our God is forever Great people! These couple are utterly talented and passionate about arts! Be it painting, Nail Art, Henna Tattoo, Make-Up, Hair-styling, giving art lesson, you name it; Chad even owns an art gallery (Stamatelaky Art Gallery) in Manila, Philippines; and ALL the proceeds go to the ministry. Not only to support the Children Ministry, these are also to reach out and to ardently share Christ to everyone that crossed their lives' paths!

Behold, the man of God, Chad Stamatelaky, from Manila, all for the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ! His artworks are his expression of worship.

Standing ovation everyone coz this is Awesome-ness!


Love Love Love!

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