Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hillsong United at GTPJ

I thought I was going to go to the Hillsong United concert alone.
Surprisingly, my homies came!

The concert was awesome.
But it's not worth the money.
Looking at the brighter side,
I do know the cost to bring them down was expensive.

*Daniel is too fanatic....even their song list is precious in his sight

*my ex-student...Nelson Ong Chin Hui

I got myself one of these...

A 1GB USB that contains all 30 tracks from the IHeartRevolution Part 1 album

Well at the same time it's a wristband

The price?
I shall not tell...
I bought it coz you can't find it anywhere in Malaysia
I guess that's a good excuse.

Sadly, we couldn't take any pic during the concert as it was prohibited.
We couldn't even take their picture.

so, i guess, y'all can just see the ticket

The Band was awesome.
Above all...Our God Reigns.
I can't really explain to you how blessed i was throughout the concert.
A thorough experience

For those of you who don't have any idea of who Hillsong United is....
Well, it's a Christian band.
I grew fact still growing up listening to their song...
I play them in my car everyday!



Rebecca said...

cathy...boleh pinjam tak?? :)
*shows cute face*


Cat said...

Boleh Boleh...hehehe...*show indifferent face....=p