Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Then and Now

2013                                                               2014

Women of Faith


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Great Wall of China: The Price of A Healthy Lifestyle

Disclaimer: The pictures and videos in this post were last year's experience. I was a still little 'cuter' in those pictures.  I climbed the Great Wall of China on the 29th March 2013. 

If it wasn't because of my decision to start losing weight, climbing the Great Wall of China would have been impossible.

At 111 kgs I could:

Finish 4 big plates of white rice in one meal (4 plates x 3 meals) = 12 plates a day????
Eat one whole chicken
Could eat 3 different meals in 1 hour

I 'religiously':

Drank Iced Milo everyday before I slept.

I did not:

Know that I was supercalifragialisticexpialidosciously fat
Bother what others say about my eating habit 
Drink plain water
Control myself

I was:

Happy with my so-called-lifestyle


I started to have high blood pressure
I started to have frightening pain in my chest


I said" God, I do not want to die being a foolish that could finish 4 plates of rice"
Every night before I slept, I feared that I would not wake up the next morning because the pain was strange.

And so...the journey began but I shall continue my story in my next post....

Tower after tower, I could not stop thanking God for His wake up call.
Despite my foolish confidence climbing without warming up my body, 
my journey to the 13th Beacon Tower was effortless.

The only difficulty I had was going down the stairs.
My legs started to show their 'disappointment' towards me for not warming them up. 

The truth is, I never knew that the Great Wall is not a flat wall after all.
There are more than 1400 steps up the wall!!

Almost there...few steps away from the 13th Tower...

6 layers of clothes really made me look like Santa haha!
Thanks to Mr. Stranger who helped me document my success.

I successfully climbed up these strange stairs but I had to ask one Frenchman to help me down hahah!
Too bad he's married. Otherwise..... 

Vandalized the Great Wall..hahah!

What are you waiting for?
Healthy lifestyle is not a choice if you want to enjoy this.

I share because I care

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weight Loss Made Possible: From 111 kg to 79 Kg

So how did go from here:

to here:

Lots and lots of hard work involved and I still have a long way to go...

Will tell you all about it soon.

I never thought I could see my chin because I was fat since I could remember.
One thing for sure, nothing is impossible if you really want it.

The Saree that I wore in one of the pictures (after losing weight)  is already too loose for me to wear. That proves how far I've come...

The irony is, I no longer wear anything sleeveless after I lost weight. Hahahahah!
In fact, that was the first and last time I wore something revealing.
I had to upload it here to prove how 'cute' I was back then. Hahahah!
It's not my thing...

So students, colleagues and friends, don't be surprised if you see my sleeveless picture k? Save your judgement.

Any tips on how to lose more after plateau?


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Will I ever understand?

05th October is my birthday. 
Dad died on 06th October. 
Dad’s birthday was 11th November.

After 13 years, I thought I understand why God took daddy the day after my 21st birthday and close enough to his birthday. 
I thought it was to help me remember him all the time and how much I love him.
I thought it was to remind me of how faithful God is in helping me live in grief.
I thought it was this and that blah blah blah but somehow,
I never really understand why.

I notice people's loved ones often departed close to  Birthdays, Wedding Day, Convocation Day, Exam Day, Anniversary...
you name it. 

What about you?
Have you ever understood why your loved ones departed close to an important/a significant date? 

Nelson Sigan Kulong
In loving Memory
11th November 1952 - 06th October 2001
Daddy and I when I was almost 2

Our time spent together was too short daddy.
As I grew older, I never really liked it when you came to my room to kiss me goodnight every night or kissed me good morning even the day I last saw you. 
Now I realize that in my whole life, you are the only one that ever kissed me goodnight or good morning.
You are not like any other typical Asian dads.
They don't kiss their children but you always did.

If only you lived longer to give me a chance to treat you and mommy the vacation that you deserved on your birthday.
If only you lived longer to have an instagram/facebook/twitter/skype/whatsapp account then contacting you would be easier than those days.
If only you lived longer for me to really get to know you because you were hardly home.
If only you lived longer to walk me down the isle on my wedding day (if that ever happens).
If only you lived a  month longer to celebrate your 49th birthday.
If only.....

Your kindness, love,  generosity, compassion, patience, passion, joy, fun, jokes, dream, remain fresh in memory and I am living your legacy. 
You lived your life for others and you never get to give yourself what you wanted.
You humbly fed those who were hungry.
You selflessly provided to those who were in need.
You were always kind to others.
You always cooked for others.
You were always willing to accommodate and help our friends who had issues with their parents.
Our house became the house of refuge and I sometimes got jealous.
You never failed to make people laugh.
You were loved by people around you.
You always gave us the best.
But you never get what you wanted.
You never get to fulfill your dreams.
You never reached 50 like you anticipated.

The last phone conversation that we had was two days before you left and it was unpleasant because I slammed the phone while you were still talking 
 The day we last had a  serious face to face father-daughter conversation was five months before you left and you told me that you were proud of me and that was the best gift I've ever had in my life.
I pledged to myself that I will continue to make you proud until the day I die.
You did not leave me a fortune but you left me with a piece of yourself.

Today, I live to love, to educate, to entertain, to help, to motivate, to make people laugh, to help people smile, to encourage and I am still learning to do more for others.

It's your birthday daddy. 
 Should I say "Happy" Birthday when you are no longer here?
Knowing you and your 'Joie De Vivre' attitude, I believe you don't mind me wishing you a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I'm sure daddy was the reason behind this happiness
Guard your heart,

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

North, South, East, West

It started with.... 
India (twice)..
Philippines (3 times)...

Where should I go next?

2015 will definitely be 'Le Tour De Europe' AFTER my M.Ed TESL Graduation...

I need a getaway...
I have 2 weeks to decide and plan.

Love Love Love! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

My beautiful sisters

Blood is thicker than water.
How I wish daddy is here to see how far we've come.
The funny thing is none of us have the same complexion! Haha!